I discovered my talent and passion for photography more than 30 years ago aboard a Navy aircraft carrier. While traveling the world and experiencing the diversity of many cultures, I was naturally drawn to chronicling the experiences of people, especially in their vocational settings, telling their story through my images.  

I have a distinct documentary style, often using available or low light, creating pictures with a more intimate, realistic feel. My photographs are visual representations of the message my client wants to convey. Whether photographing a CEO in a board room or a farmer in the field, I can capture their individuality and uniqueness of their lives.  

A good photographer is curious, confident and even a bit nosey. I interned with the accomplished Magnum Photographer, Hiroji Kubota. In traveling all 50 states with him, I learned that it isn’t so much the technical mastery of a camera that ensures a good photographer – but it’s the love of people, the sensitivity of the situation and the drive to capture the story. This is what I strive to give my clients with every project.